Organizational/Systemic Failure: Large Organizations (February release)

I discussed previously regarding large organizations experiencing a failure, that meeting the Organizational Failure threshold depends on certain details. This development of ideas has become a long article or short book. The draft will be passed to a publisher for review in December.

Long answer short: simply because large organizations (as defined by having a number of organizations centered around a specific safety hazard, set of specific hazards, and/or production-critical task) compile various failure points, an Organizational Failure occurring in one of them is a matter of probability. How long it persists CAN be a symptom of Organizational Failure of the large organization itself (depends on many variables for gauging a specific time frame). If the Organizational Failure spreads, the definition of Systemic Failure, THEN the large organization is in fact experiencing an Organizational Failure itself. This is what my long article/short book is going into detail about (including some basic calculations to assess risk.)