ACS Engineering & Safety, Ltd. is a forensic engineering company. ACS Engineering & Safety, Ltd. will:

Provide honest, fair, objective opinion without regard to pecuniary interests.
Base our independent opinion on generally accepted standards within our areas of expertise and in accordance with industry, professional, and ethical guidelines.
Render opinions based on the facts in your specific case.
Our experts personally prepare and sign their reports. The opinions expressed in their reports are their own.

Elizabeth Jensen, PhD, PE, CSP
Houston, TX
Physics, Modeling, Laboratory
Data Acquisition and Analysis,
OSHA Trainer, Fires, Electrical,
Expert Witness

Edward Jensen, PE, CSP
Houston, TX
Vice President
OSHA Trainer, Safety Design,
Water Management

Jase Chretien
Houston, TX
Master Electrician, Safety
Training, Quality Control
Inspection, Expert Witness

Larry Smith, PE, CMRP
Clear Lake, TX
Root Cause Analysis, Hazard
Operations, Reliability,
Maintenance, Industrial Quality
Control, Expert Witness

Patricia Chapela, PhD
Houston, TX
Chemistry, Calibration,
Laboratory Data Aquisition
and Analysis, Toxicology,
Expert Witness

Memoratus in Aeternum

Sergio Garibay, PE, ACTAR
College Station, TX
Accident-Reconstruction, Machinery Design,
Failure Analysis, Building and Design Code
Analysis, Fires, Expert Witness