Systemic Failure: The Ghost Report

A critical report was released April 1985 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration focused on reducing braking distances of heavy vehicles. Among the findings it states, “Complete removal or deactivation of the front brakes, a practice which is common among some trucker users, obviously degrades the [braking] situation…” At issue is a rumored report … More Systemic Failure: The Ghost Report

“Thermal Insulation for Buildings, Pipe and Mechanical Equipment”, a Complication

This month’s (February 2019) Plumbing Engineer magazine featured an article discussing insulation engineering considerations.  The general topics covered are the major points that need to be addressed: (a) the basics (b) history of thermal insulation (c) how heat transfer works and (d) applicable codes and standards.  This makes it a great reference article.  An expert … More “Thermal Insulation for Buildings, Pipe and Mechanical Equipment”, a Complication

From the Archives: Foundation Damage

A residence in the Gulf Coastal Plain’s Quaternary deposits of sand- and clay-rich soil experienced a variety of structural damages including plasterboard fractures, mortar separation, bulging windows, and foundation fractures. Examination of the upper structure damage, the foundation, and the soil was undertaken. The western portion of the residence was less damaged than the eastern, … More From the Archives: Foundation Damage