Safety+Health Magazine: Situational awareness

Several of the safety incidents that ACS professionals have investigated included workers who were distracted. Safety+Health Magazine published an article by Alan Ferguson, associate editor, “Situational awareness a ‘separate dimension of hazard control’ ” which discusses that employee training should include recognizing when he/she is not in a state of “relaxed awareness”. One of the … More Safety+Health Magazine: Situational awareness

Practical Cybersecurity

Dr. Elizabeth Jensen’s presentation to the American Society of Safety Engineers (soon to be Safety Professionals) Energy Corridor meeting is linked below. Practical Cybersecurity: Where You Fit into the Big Picture

Incidents & Accident Models

There are various models that emphasize different components that combined into an accident. While Heinrich’s Axioms of Industrial Safety are most widely applied, there are others that target relationships among the contributing factors to an injury. As a brief introduction, I’d like to share a few of our investigations and a model that aligns with … More Incidents & Accident Models