Reflectance Spectra

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Measurement of Reflectance Spectra From Your Gems/Minerals!


How do we know the difference between amethyst and citrine? They are both quartz crystals. However amethyst is purple while citrine is yellowish.

What does that color mean? It is giving you a wavelength for the most light _reflected_ off of your gem/mineral:

Wavelength review! micro-meters or microns are 1000 times longer than nanometers! 0.7 microns = 700 nanometers

Do samples look different in different colors? Yes! Here’s a spectra for a pure sample of quartz. Here’s a spectra for one with mica flecks in it.

ACS Engineering & Safety will enable you to purchase a measurement of the spectra of your gem/mineral! FAQ: We will NOT be able to confirm that it was correctly identified.

For example, here is a sample of peridot that we collected with the equipment we will be using to observe your new purchases. And while it is definitely yellowish-green, notice how similar & different it is from the USGS’s sample of forsterite.