From the Archives: Vehicle Fire #2

A pickup truck was damaged by a fire in the cab of the vehicle. An ACS Engineer was hired to inspect the vehicle for the cause based on its reported origin in the vicinity of the steering column. Three wires below the steering column showed potential beading, indicating their being electrified during the fire. Two wires passed into the center of the dash, while the third terminated at the steering column. The ignition of the vehicle was in the auxiliary position; according to schematics, none of the wires should have been active in this setting. The ACS engineer then learned that the vehicle had caught fire in the same area previously. Thus the investigation was indeterminate. The damage to the wiring in the vicinity of the steering column could not be distinguished between the primary fire and its predecessor to determine cause.

Globules (potential beading) that occurs on wires in a fire.

For more information, visit: NFPA 921 Sections 14-1 and 14-9 through 14-12.2
Electricity and Fire